Game Days is generally known as an open gaming event.  However, at the request of many of our attendees, we have decided to add a special tournament.

Participants may play in as few, or as many of the designated games as you wish.  If you have any of these games, please bring them with you, as this will guarantee you a spot in that game.  Sign up for a given game will commence 15 minutes before the designated start time, and will be on a first come first served basis.

The tournament is based on a point system.  There will be 15 scheduled games available.

First place winner in a given game will earn 3 points.  Second place earns 1 point.

Players will be responsible for recording their own scores on wall charts that will be provided.  Thus participants can track their progress throughout the tournament.


The designated times / games / GMs is as follows:

Friday April 8:

10:00   AZUL   (Oliver)

1:00    CATAN  (Rudolph)

4:00    OBSESSION   (Webber)

7:00     ST. PETE   (Lurie)   

Saturday April 9:

10:00   GREAT WESTERN TRAIL  (Webber)

            MAD KING  (Oliver)

1:00     WINGSPAN  (Lurie)

            STONE AGE  (Rudolph)

4:00      SPLENDOR  (Ridgeway)

           VEGAS SHOWDOWN  (Rudolph)

7:00    TICKET TO RIDE  (Ridgeway)

           SPACE BASE  (Lurie)

Sunday April 10:

10:00   PUERTO RICO  (Spencer)

1:00     LOST RUINS OF ARNAK   (Michelle H.)   

           TERRAFORMING MARS  (Spencer)