Special Events and Demos


On Friday night, April 5th, Game Days will sponsor a party game night beginning at 10 p.m. Join us for your favorite fun, light games, included Just One, Code Names, Cheeky Monkey, and more!



Saturday April 6th
9 a.m. – midnight

Preregister with Game Days to reserve a space on MegaCiv. Walk-ins welcome, if there is room.

When you reserve your ticket for MegaCiv, please also contact the MegaCiv GM, Jamie Tang, at jat@rtgames.com.

If we have 5-9 players, we will play a Full game of WESTERN EMPIRES using the Expert AST. If we have 10-11 players, we will play a Full game of Mega Civilization using the Basic AST. If we have 12-18 players, we will play a Short game of Mega Civilization using the Basic AST.

In the “Short Game,” each player is given a pre-constructed set of four technological advancements prior to choosing a civilization and placing five cities. 

Mega Civ is an epic game that takes up to 18 players and will take ALL day. New players are welcome as the mechanics are easy to learn. Please sign up with Jamie Tang if interested. There will be a Game Master to keep things moving.

In Mega Civ, each player guides one culture from the end of the Ice Age through the end of the Iron Age. Players must balance territorial expansion with trading, all while weathering calamities and acquiring civilization advances. There is a lot of player interaction in trade negotiations and mapboard diplomacy, although this is not a wargame.



At 11 a.m. on Saturday, April 6th, join us for a special Team Ticket to Ride event! Come as a team or find a partner at Game Days! Experience player favorite Ticket to Ride in its most challenging and unusual form!



WYRMSPAN (4-7 Friday)
 Join us to excavate magical caverns, negotiate with dragons, and explore a rich fantasy world designed by Connie Vogelmann (designer of APIARY), and developed by Elizabeth Hargrave (designer of WINGSPAN). Based on Elizabeth Hargrave’s popular WINGSPAN play mechanics, this hot game has just debuted and has featured prominently on Board Game Geek and other gaming websites.
This game was a hit at last Fall’s Essen Convention in Germany and is still hard to get in the US.  Featuring simultaneous play, it is a relatively quick-playing civilization building game where you build Wonders, hire Leaders, acquire new technologies.  2-2 1/2 hrs for up to 5 players.
BATTLE FOR PEACE  (10-1 Saturday)
Join designer Daniel Eiblum for his prototype of a 2 hr. game for 3-4 players.   It is the comedy strategy game in which players win by making all the wrong decisions.
BLESS YOUR HEART (2-5 Saturday)
Join designer Richard Pearl for his prototype game. “Bless Your Heart” is a competitive 3-dimensional game of strategy, planning and lots of fun for 2-6 players.  Choose from 1 of 12 different point earning strategies, then make your Flea Market gift selections from over 120 different cards with the goal of getting point-earning pets (dogs, cats, birds and fish) into your house.  At the same time, show how wonderful you truly are by filling your opponent’s houses with lots of worthless junk so that they run out of space to make their strategy work.
This is the first expansion for Heat:  Pedal to the Metal, voted as the Best New Game of 2023 by GCOM members.  It offers two new tracks, a seventh player board, and a couple of new rules.