Games Day 2003 - Report

Those Responsible Attendance Comparison Those in Attendance
SOME of the Games Played Questionnaire Responses Euro Quest Survey Responses
Attendee Remarks "Vendor Performance"

Games Day-Those Responsible

Badges Scott Buckwalter, Keith Levy
Baked goods Jamie Tang
Beverages Keith Levy
Clean Up Bill Cleary, Hal Haag, Dan Hoffman, Dan Karp, Keith Levy, Mark Love, JP Roberts, Crystal Shipley, Rich Shipley, Jamie Tang
Coffee JP Roberts
Convention Organizer Keith Levy
Convention Supplies Keith Levy
Demos Scott Buckwalter, Bill Crenshaw, Ethan Goffman, Dan Hoffman, Dan Karp, Pierre Leboeuf, Shira Levy, JP Roberts, Rich Shipley, Chris Shockey, Brian Stallings, Jamie Tang, Joan Wendland
Demo Games Donated by Rio Grande Games: Amun-Re, Bean Trader, Clans, Paris Paris, Time Pirates
Digital Photographs Eric Haas
Documents Hal Haag, Keith Levy, JP Roberts, John Weber
Door Prizes Keith Levy
Extra Tables Keith Levy, Rich Shipley
Euro Quest Keith Levy, JP Roberts, Rich Shipley, John Weber
Flags Keith Levy
Games Day Sign Keith Levy
Gaming Supplies Keith Levy
GCOM General Meeting Keith Levy
GCOM Products Café, Designery, Keith Levy, Spider Web, Tradewinds
Kiosks Keith Levy, Rich Shipley
Newsletter Hal Haag
Large Game Inventories Scott Buckwalter, Keith Levy, Rich Shipley
Loading Hal Haag, Dan Hoffman, Keith Levy, Mark Love, JP Roberts, Rich Shipley, Jamie Tang, Brian Stallings.
Memorial Service for Anita Locke and Harold Seigelman Scott Buckwalter, Michelle Goldstein, Hal Haag, Doug Hoylman, Eric Hymowitz, Bryan W. Kornele, Keith Levy, Pierre LeBoeuf, Nina Blendman, JP Roberts, Rich Shipley, John Weber.
Microphone Rich Shipley
Registration Desk Helen Levy, Keith Levy, Neil Mciver, Crystal Shipley
Restaurant Menus JP Roberts
Set up Dan Hoffman, Dan Karp, Keith Levy, JP Roberts, Brian Stallings, Fabio Tola
Silent Auction Hal Haag, Keith Levy, Rich Shipley
Snacks Michelle Goldstein, Keith Levy, SweetTreats, Rich Shipley, Jamie Tang
Surveys Hal Haag, JP Roberts, Keith Levy
Unloading Hal Haag, Dan Hoffman, Keith Levy, JP Roberts, Rich Shipley, Jamie Tang, Brian Stallings
Vendor Blood and Cardstock
Water Keith Levy
Website JP Roberts

Attendance Comparison:  2001 - 2003

  2003 2002 2001
Friday 44 40 22
Saturday 75 63 50
Sunday 54 38 15
Grand Total 89 71 50

Those in Attendance

1 Keith Levy
2 Scott Buckwalter
3 Michelle Goldstien
4 Neil McIver
5 Joan Wendland
6 Chirs Shockey
7 Hal Haag
8 Pierre LeBoeuf
9 Doug Hoylman
10 Eric Hymowitz
11 William "Bill" Duke
12 Cheryl Merica
13 Eric Haas
14 Rich Shipley
15 Jamie Tang
16 Bill Crenshaw
17 Steven Lollis
18 Chuck Frascati
19 Steve Kolesar
20 Marilyn Kolesar
21 Alex Levy
22 Shira Levy
23 Brian Stallings
24 Marvin Pinkert
25 JP Roberts
26 Ethan Goffman
27 Dan Karp
28 Rob Marshall
29 Bruce Glasco
30 Lisa Glasco
31 Amory Fisher
32 Pete Gathmann
33 Mike Salvato
34 Ed Rothenheber
35 Denise Stallings
36 John Weber
37 Mark Love
38 Gwen Alvani
39 Dave Fogel
40 Lisa Goldstein
41 Steve Jansen
42 Josh Cooper
43 Fabio Tola
44 Bryan Kornele
45 Dan Hoffman
46 Ben Knight
47 John Kerr
48 Don Greenwood
49 John P Roberts, JR
50 Glenn Weeks
51 Tim Rothenhber
52 Joseph Woolshleger
53 Victor Hutcherson
54 Rick Glasco
55 David Gill-Boucher
56 Bill Cleary
57 Dan Mathias
58 Justin Thompson
59 Ken Guttermuth
60 Kevin Sudy
61 AJ Sudy
62 Rob Flowers
63 Crystal Shipley
64 Steve Quade
65 Ron Wuerth
66 Marianne Szlyk
67 Ben Foy
68 Todd Heidenreich
69 Juan Quizon
70 Dave Wendland
71 David Grabiner
72 Mark Guttag
73 Barbra Barry
74 Doug Curtis
75 Stan Hilinski
76 Carl Hilinski
77 Ray Dion
78 John Goon
79 Gene Pappas
80 Danial Pappas
81 Pete Martin
82 Milton Rosenberg
83 Sybil Roland
84 Christine Barriere
85 Jim-Bob Brougham
86 Bill Monk
87 Scott Lewis
88 John Ilko
89 Hannah Schwartz

SOME of the Games Played

Age of Renaissance
Age of Steam
Amoeba Wars
Apples to Apples
Axis and Allies
Battle Cry
Bean Trader
Bucket King
Call My Bluff
Carcassone - Builders and Traders
Carcassone - Hunters and Gatherers
Computer Moderated Ambush
Detroit Cleveland Grand Prix
Diablo II
Die Macher
El Grande
Hammer of the Scots
Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation
Lost Cities
Manifest Destiny
Monsters Ravage America
Napoleonic Wars
New England
Paris Paris
Puerto Rico
Ricochet Robot
Risk 2210
Risk - Lord of the Rings
Screw the Workers
Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan- Cities and Knights
Settlers of the Stone Age
Showbiz Shuffle
Taj Mahal
Three-Eyed Jack
Time Pirates
Trans America
Valley of the Mammoths
Wyatt Earp
Yu-Gi-Oh Collectable Card Game

Questionnaire Responses

1. How did you hear about Games Day?

Keith - 4
Previous attendee - 3
GCOM website - 3
e-mail - 2 - 2
Prezcon - 1
Internet - 1
GCOM meeting - 1
GCOM e-mail - 1
NOVAG webpage - 1
Supporting member - 1
Flyer - 1
Rumor - 1
GCOM member - 1

2B. Is there another amenity (Vendor tables, swap meet, and auction) 
that is missing that would make attending Games Day a plus?

No - 8
more vendors - 2
More help with running things - 1
more formal tournaments, even if there are no prizes - 1
board game vendor - 1
24 hour gaming - 1
food delivery options - 1
possibly a group event (scavenger hunt, Family Feud) - 1
carpool - 1
sell own games - 1
more healthy snacks and drinks - 1
different shaped tables - 1

B. What other events or changes would you like to see at Games Day? 

no changes - 5
More demos by game publishers - 1
larger location - 1
CCGs - 1
co-ordinate food, instead of pot luck - 1
different food - 1
It's great - 1
fine as is - 1

3. Games Day is looking to expand its horizons for 2004.
A. We will most likely be going to a four day event with gaming starting 
sometime on Thursday. Would you have any interest in attending an extra day?

Yes - 15
No - 6
Maybe - 2

B. We are considering hosting other events as part of the Games Day experience.
1) Titan National Tournament-Awards given to champion.
2) Barrage-Historical Miniatures.

Would you or do you know someone that would be interested in participating 
in these added events?

No - 12
Yes - 2
TNT - 2
No - not enough space - 1
Barrage - 1

C. Games Day 2004 may occur on April 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2004. Will this affect 
your attendance?

no - 13
will attend - 5
prefers new date - 3
maybe - 2

4. Would you be interested in attending Games Quest, an annual gaming 
tournament convention, focused on European style Games on November 7, 8th 
and 9th, 2003, here in the Timonium area? 

yes - 12
yes, but has a scheduling conflict - 1
has a scheduling conflict with Lolagazebo - 1
no - 1

5. What is your overall opinion of Games Day?

cool job, well done.
excellent time, learned lots of new games.
demos were better this year.  
I liked having unreleased games available for play and sale. 
a lot of fun 
great fun 
great - 2 
very good, great people running it and met a lot of great folks. 
Enjoyed the related atmosphere friendly people, had a very good time 
great fun, I like it a lot. 
I like the idea very much. 
Attending is a high point of the year for me. 
Yea! I love it! Very friendly and relaxed I have enjoyed myself 
like food and drinks 
Fun to learn new games

6. Any other questions, comments or suggestions?

Plan ahead for recycling
Bigger sign on York Road
Great name tags !
Great event, plan for rain next time.
Better food options
Free t-shirts with pre-registration
More advertising, many locals had not heard about it.

Total questionnaires received - 23

Euro Quest Survey Responses

Games Club of Maryland and the Boardgame Players Association are considering 
co-sponsorship of a European style gaming convention. *Your immediate feedback 
is needed this weekend if the co-sponsorship is to take place. *

The objective of Euro Quest is to provide for the competitive play of 
popular "European" style games in a more in-depth and focused format than is 
generally the case at major gaming conventions such as the WBC and Prezcon. 
For 2003, we will be including popular events such as:  Carcassone, El Grande, 
Euphrat and Tigris,  La Citta, Lost Cities, Medici, Princes of Florence,  
Puerto Rico, Ra, Settlers of Catan, Tikal, Trans America, Taj Mahal, Traumfabrik, 
Union Pacific and a special Open Event which will involve a variety of 
Euro-style games where players will be taught the rules in more of a 
"open gaming" type of format.  In all events, we will welcome beginners but 
(with the exception of the Open Event), rules will not be taught during play.  
In addition to awards for the individual events, there will also be an 
overall individual and team championship, toward which each event will count.

1.   Do you favor the idea of GCOM and the BPA co-sponsoring Euro Quest?
Yes - 22
No - 1

2. Would you have interest in the current list of Games being offered?
Yes - 21
No - 2

If not, what other European style games would you like to see added?
Amun Re - 2
Settlers Cities and Knights - 2
Vinci - 2

3. The registration fees for the convention will run roughly $10 per day. 
What is the likelihood of your attendance at Euro Quest?

A. Will definitely attend     - 11
B. Will probably attend       - 10
C. Unlikely to attend         -  2
D. Will definitely not attend -  0

4.  The overnight room rate at Days Inn will be a convention special 
discounted rate of $65 per night plus tax. While staying at the Days 
Inn is not a prerequisite, it does reduce our costs for the Meeting 
Space so your claiming affiliation with Euro Quest when making your 
reservation to get this rate is requested for both your benefit and 
ours. Will you be reserving a room and staying on site?

Yes -  5
No  - 18

5.  Would you be interested in volunteering to GM an event?  List which
one(s) and  sign your name and ask to fill out a GM form TODAY.  GM 
commitments must be received this weekend in order for the co-sponsorship 
to take place.

Yes - 12
No  - 11
Filled out GM form - 8

Total completed surveys - 23

Attendee Remarks

I was at the GCOM Games Day yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Good people, 
new games, and a cordial atmosphere made for a satisfying time. I was the 
82nd person to sign up on Saturday and I thought that they had a good 
turnout. Keith Levy was a great host and helped everyone to feel welcome 
and comfortable. Really, really family oriented. Two other local Go players 
were there: Todd Heidenreich and Juan Pablo Quizon. They introduced GO to 
several people and had a good time learning other new games as well. I 
managed to learn Bohnanza and Paris Paris so my time wasn’t entirely 
FYI, there are two GCOM clubs in the Dream Wizards immediate vicinity: 
Potomac and Silver Spring. Doug Hoylman and Karl Musser are the hosts 
there. They might be worth contacting as regards your plan to vitalize 
Tuesday nights. I will be out of town this week, but will drop in next 
weekend to pick up the booster Magic packs for the Beltsville Magic 
Tournament on the 17th. I’ll share more of my impressions with you then. 
John Goon 
American Go Association -Community Outreach Coordinator 


Dear Keith, 
Thank you very much for hosting the Games Day. We all enjoyed playing 
games and seeing friendly people. 

Sincerely, Lisa Glassco 


It was good to see you and the host of GCOM folks that I know at the 
recent Games Day. I had a great time, playing in three games. Wish I 
could've stayed longer, but my ride was leaving. I had planned on 
coming back the following day, but got a late start and had to prepare 
for my upcoming meetings that week. 

The first game was Citadels. It was a game I'd long considered buying, 
and heard many good things about, but never got around to it. It was 
a goal of mine to play this game, and I have to say, I'm glad I finally 
did. I actually tied for the win, but more important, I had a great 
time, and have found yet another game that MUST be in my collection!  

Then I played Risk 2210. Longer game then I usually like to get 
involved in during these types of events, but it was a lot of fun. I 
managed a respectable showing, finishing either first or second 
depending upon who was counting < grin > and this while having had a 
very bad start, and seemed to be destined for a last place finish. 

Finally, Steve Quade and I couldn't resist, and we broke out the 
"Collectable crack" aka HeroClix. What can I say, I'm a comic book 
aficionado, so this game just naturally appeals to me. Wound up 
losing, but having a buch of fun. 

Ron Wuerth 


You've definitely got a great gaming group going on up there in Md., 
Keith. Almost makes me want to live closer to that area. Almost. 
Until I get tied up in traffic on the Beltway trying to get anywhere! 

Thanks again for a great gaming experience! 

Ron Wuerth 
Systems Administrator 

"Vendor Performance"

Blood and Cardstock Games sold 12 copies of Showbiz Shuffle. (that's more in one day at Games Day then at all of Prezcon!)

Games for the Mind sold 2 copies of Screw the Workers.

Unfortunately, Bill Crenshaw didn't get any more sign-ups to purchase Manifest Destiny.