Games Day 1999 - Report

Games Day '99 was a great success.   Gamers from three states again made the yearly trek to the second annual
open gaming event.  Everyone had a great time.  Alot of fun and comrodery was shared  by everyone.

Games Played were: Atlantic Storm, Axis and Allies, Babylon 5,  Bitter Woods,  El Grande,  Groo,
Guillitine, History of the World,  Manhattan,  Mississippi Queen, Pyramids,  Ra,  Robo Rally, Serenissima, Settlers of Catan,
Settlers of Catan-Stadte Ritter,  Starbase Jeff,  Streetcar, Talisman, and Titan: The Arena.

Players in Attendance:  Bill Acheson,  Scott Buckwalter,    Bill Diaz,  Andy Fender,
Brian Fender, Mark Franceschini, Chuch Frascati, Paul Gauniel, Michelle Goldstein,  Charles Hickok,
Dan Hoffman, Doug Hoylman, Wei-Hwa Huang, Joe Jaskiewicz, Ben Knight, Luke Kolezar, Steve Kolezar,
Keith Levy, Dan Mathias, Carole Mathias, Niel Mcivery, Dave Middleton,  Kurt Miller,
Michael Reiner, Jason Roach, Kurt Schlegel, Bill Scott, Rich Shipley, Jeff Spaner, Bob Suckling,
Jamie Tang, Justin Thompson, Robert Waters, John Weber, Jim Yerky.

Total Attendance: thirty-five (35).  Up nine from Games Day 98'.
Day 1-Friday Atendance- seventeen.
Day 2- Saturday, May 1st, Attendnce record set with twenty five (25) at the same time for most of the afternoon and
early evening, for about six hours.
Day 3-Sunday attendance-ten.
Four gamers from Charlottesville came for the day on Saturday May, 1st. A three hour drive each way for the day.
Justin Thomspon made his second annual appearance.  Along with Justin first time visitors Steve and Luke Kolezar
made the trek.  Original honorary member, a man largely responsible for Games Club of Maryland's existance,  Bill
Scott made his first appearance to play with the club.
Gamers that came from Pennsylvannia were regulars Mike Reiner and Neil Mcivery.  Charlie Hickok made his
second annual appearance from Harrisburg.

-Thanks to all the gamers who attended and helped make Games Day '99 a huge success.
-A special thanks to those brought snacks, supplies and games, and to those who traveled long distance to attend.

                                                              Your Host and Founder of Games Club of Maryland,
                                                                                                                         Keith Levy