Games Day 2000-Report
Eric Amick, Scott Buckwalter, Tony Cadden, Chick Frasacti, Ben Foy, Paul Gauniel, Dan Hoffman, Wei-Hwa Huang, Victor Huchersin, Joe Jaskiewicz (JJ), Dan Karp, Doug Kaufman, Wendy Kaufman, Pierre Leboeuf, Keith Levy, Mark Love, Dan Mathias, Mike McCuen, Neil McIver, Charlene Meyer, Kristin Meyer, Nathan Meyer, Steve Meyer, Dave Middleton, Mike Rankin, Mike Reiner, Brian Reynolds, Jason Roach, JP Roberts III, Ed Rothenheber, Rob Seitler, Jeff Spaner, Brian Stallings, Denise Stallings, Dan Strock, Bob Suckling, Brian Sutton, Jamie Tang, Rich Shipley, Roger Taylor, John Weber, Art Wines, Jim Yerky
  • 21 on Friday
  • 41 on Saturday.  Most in room - 35 at one time.
  • 20 on Sunday.
  • 43 Total attendance.
Games Played
Acquire, Atlantic Storm, Axis and Allies Europe(2), Austrialian Rails, Basari, Battle Cry(2), Battlemist, Big City, The Big Idea, Blue Vs. Grey, By Hook or By Crook, Cape Horn, Cathedral, Condottiere, Die Macher, El Grande, Falling, Formula De(4), Fossil, Give Me the Brain, Groo, History of the World, Lowenhertz, Lost Cities(4), Manhattan, Money, Pyramdis, Riochet Robot, Robo Rally, Samarai Swords, Schottentotten, Serenissima, Settlers Card Game(3), Settlers of Catan, Settlers of Catan-Stadte Ritter(2), Show Manager, Starfarers, Streetcar, Target, Taj Mahal(4), Titan(4), Tsuris(3), Up Front, Verissage, Vinci(2).
[The number of times played is listed in parenthesis]

The convention went very well overall. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and had a good time. Attendance was to a little lower than expected, mostly due to the beautiful weather that weekend. We are planning to do it again next year.  A list of games waiting to be played and written on a board, would help move game playing along when a lot of gamers are looking to get games started at the same time.

Plan for Games Day 2001 to be on May 4th, 5th and 6th, 2001.  Responses from general comments and the surveys were as follows.  Most gamers thought the gaming space was adequate, but a bit expensive.  We would not have had room for too many more gamers on Saturday.  So for next year, we will be searching for a bigger space that is less expensive.  This may not be possible, but we will try.  Although some gamers would have prefer the location to be slightly closer to their homes, with people coming from out of state from the North and South, the Baltimore area location seems to be the most convenient for everyone. Two possible locations for next year would put us either in Hunt Valley or in Catonsville.  Gaming time will hopefully be extended for next year.  We will be aiming for an earlier start on Friday, around 12:00-2:00PM,  and a later finish on Sunday, around 8:00-10:00 PM.   Most gamers preferred the open gaming format.  I am intending to keep the open gaming format for the Games Day Conventions. It is something different than what other conventions offer. It fits more with the goals of Games Club of Maryland.  Open gaming promotes: more learning, more introduction of new games, more new people being introduced to the hobby, more camaraderie, and more fun, etc., etc., etc.

Any further feedback, suggestions or comments are welcome.  Please feel free to e-mail me. I intend to post the report on the website within a few weeks. I will edit in any changes or additions, prior to posting the info. on the GCOM website.  Special thanks to those that brought games and helped keep things going.  Thanks to everyone for their participation in making Games Day 2000 a success.

Keith Levy