GCOM Logo by Kristen Meyer
April 27th - 30th, 2017
Tall Cedars of Lebanon
2501 Putty Hill Ave
Parkville MD 21234

An Open Gaming Event
Have Fun, Learn, Share, Grow, Play

GCOM Logo by Kristen Meyer

Introducing the first ever one-day mini-tournament that will run basically all day on Saturday, April 29th. Please bring a copy of the game with you if you own one to use at the tournament so we are sure to have enough.

Format: The entire event will take place on Saturday. Eligible participants (i.e. those with a paid admission to Game Days for that day) will have an opportunity to play up to three games; best two results would determine the four finalists. Schedule: Teaching demo at 10 AM; round one start at 11 AM, round two start at 2:30 PM; round three start at 6 PM, final game to start at 9 PM. We plan to enforce a strict three-hour time limit to make sure each round starts on time, with sufficient time for food breaks between games. People participating would be free to drop in and out and play only one round or as many as all three, but you would need to play in at least two of the three rounds to have a chance of advancing to the final.

TIEBREAKERS AND FINAL GAME SPECIAL RULES: Four finalists would be ranked on number of wins, then number of seconds with best two results counting; we would propose going with the % of winner's score in best non-winning game as a tiebreaker -- as is used at EuroQuest. We might need to pair one-game winners in the third game to assure no more than four two-game winners for the final; otherwise all pairings and seat position in the first three rounds would be at random. As a final tiebreaker (if needed), I would propose aggregate scores in games played by the tied players (kind of a head-to-head tiebreaker). Otherwise, it would come down to a coin flip. For the final, there would be bidding VPs for seat position using a chart devised by Scott Saccenti; bidding would take place after all elements of the board are set up and each player has drawn his/her starting hand of cow cards. Finally, if needed, the tiebreaker in any individual game would be reverse starting position (favoring the player going later in the initial turn order).

PRIZES: Canton Games gift certificates toward purchase of games at the convention.