Game Days 2010 - Report

Game Days 2010
April 22nd - April 25th, 2010
Holiday Inn
9615 Deereco Road
Timonium, Maryland 21093

Have Fun, Learn, Share, Grow, Play
An Open Gaming Event

Game Days Thank You List.

Activity Coordination:Rick Bynaker, Keith Levy
Annual Open Meeting:Michele Mazzola
Break Down, Clean up:Rodney Bacigalupo, Rick Bynaker, Keith Levy
Computer Program:JP Roberts III
Communications:Rick Bynaker, Keith Levy, Michele Mazzola
Game Library:Rodney Bacigalupo, Rick Bynaker, Keith Levy
Hotel Accommodations:Keith Levy
Location Posters:Michelle Hymowitz
Math Trade:Jeff "Boomer" Bakalchuck
Official Demonstrations:Jeff "Boomer" Bakalchuck, Nathan Bergom, Jeff Kahan, Keith Levy, Jamie Tang
Photography:Eric Hass
Pre-registration:Roland Devasher, Michele Mazzola
Registration Desk:Rodney Bacigalupo, Scott Brattlie, Rick Bynaker, Joe Casadonte, Roland Devasher, Jim Freight, Eric Haas, Eric Hymowitz, Michelle Hymowitz, Keith Levy, Michele Mazzola, Karl Musser, Sandy Scanlon, Jeff Thornsen, Will Zander
Silent Auction:Tom McCorry, Rodney Bacigalupo, Jeff "Boomer" Bakalchuck, Rick Bynaker, Leslie Barkley, Roland deVasher, Evan Haag, Keith Levy, Michele Mazzola, Sandy Scanlon, Kevin Wood
Set Up:Rodney Bacigalupo, Rick Bynaker, Jeff Kahan, Michelle Hymowitz, Keith Levy, Michele Mazzola, Brian Stallings
Shelving:Rodney Bacigalupo, Rick Bynaker, Kaarin Engelmann, Michelle Hymowitz, Keith Levy
Supplies and Transportation:Rodney Bacigalupo, Rick Bynaker, Michelle Hymowitz, Keith Levy, Michele Mazzola, Tom McCorry, Brian Stallings
Vendors:Canton Games: Legend Dan Hoffman, Candy Rosenberg
Our Game Table: Randy and Kim Dean
Website:Eric Hymowitz