Game Days 2009 - Report

Game Days 2009
April 30th-May 3rd, 2009
Holiday Inn (Formerly Days Hotel)
9615 Deereco Road
Timonium, Maryland 21093

Have Fun, Learn, Share, Grow, Play
An Open Gaming Event

Those Responsible

Jeff Bakalchuck:Math Trade, Silent Auction.
Leslie Barkley:Clean up aka Scavenger hunt.
Scott Buckwalter:Werewolf.
Rick Bynaker:Math Trade, Silent Auction, Registration Desk, Tichu Tournament.
Roland Devasher:Registration Desk, set up, breakdown, loading and unloading.
Doug Epperson:Registration Desk.
David Fair:Tichu Tournament, Registration Desk, Math Trade, Descent demo.
Hal Haag:Registration Desk, game collection, clean up.
Eric Haas:Photography, Registration Desk.
Dan Hoffman: Werewolf.
Eric Hymowitz: Webmaster.
Michelle Hymowitz: Registration Desk.
Jeff Kahan: Descent demo and game.
Keith Levy:Convention Director, Vendor coordinator, Hotel coordinator, website content, flyers, signs, paperwork, registration desk, pre-registration, event scheduling, demo coordinator, paper goods, utensils, GCOM Products, convention supplies, break down, con room maintenance, clean up, room set up, floor plan, game collection, loading and unloading, Annual Open Meeting, advertising, e-mails, banking.
Dave Matchen: Descent demo and game.
Michele Mazzola: Registration Desk, volunteers, desk schedule, silent auction, snacks, sodas, beverages, Tichu tournament, transportation, loading and unloading, set up.
Karl Musser: Registration Desk.
Tom McCorry: Silent Auction, Registration Desk.
Peter Putnam: Trashfest/Warfest Organizer, volunteers, prizes, advertising, scheduling, demos, game collection, signs, scoring, transportation, loading, unloading, set up.
Steve Quade: Game donations.
John P Roberts III:Game Days computer software, computer support, game donations.
Sandy Scanlon: Silent Auction, Registration desk.
Brian Stallings:loading and unloading, set up, Registration desk, Sylla demo.
Rod Spade: Witches Brew demo.
John Weber: Registration Desk, set up, unloading, game collection.
Will Zander: Registration Desk.

Game Days Attendance Total= 225


Annual Open GCOM Meeting: Keith Levy.
Demos:Rick Bynaker, Michael Ceciliani,David Fair, Jeff Kahan, Keith Levy, David Matchen, Peter Putnam, Shellie Rose, Rod Spade, Brian Stallings
Math Trade: Jeff "Boomer" Bakalchuck, David Fair, Rick Bynaker
Silent Auction:Tom McCorry, Michele Mazzola, Rick Bynaker
Tichu Tournament:Michele Mazzola, David Fair, Rick Bynaker
Tichu Tournament Scores/Final Results
Trashfest Organizer: Peter Putnum. GMs: Jeff Kahan, Keith Levy, Dave Matchen, Peter Putnum, Shellie Rose.
Vendors: Canton Games with Brian & Candy Rosenberg, Our Game Table with Kathy Stroh & Bill Novolis, Simply fun with Kim Wesley & Dawn Wagner.
Werewolf: Scott Buckwalter, Dan Hoffman.

2009 Game Days Tichu Tournament Wrap Up

Legend Dan Hoffman won the 1st place prize, a Tichu Mat.
Scott Buckwalter and Scott Brattlie won the 2nd and 3rd place prizes, each receiving a Tichu Journal.
Sheila Nelson scored the fewest tournament points having played at least 3 games so she was awarded a new set of Tichu decks, compliments of Canton Games.
Tichu Tournament Scores/Final Results