Game Days 2008 - Report

Game Days - Those Responsible
Jeff Bakalchuck:Silent Auction
Rick Bynaker:Silent Auction, Registration Desk.
Joe Casadonte:Registration Desk
Virginia Colin:table maintenance, loading.
Chandler Driggs:Registration Desk.
Doug Epperson: Registration Desk.
Hal Haag:Registration Desk, game collection.
Eric Haas:Photography, Registration Desk.
Dan Hoffman: loading and unloading, werewolf.
Michelle Hymowitz: Registration Desk.
Keith Levy:Convention Director, Vendor coordinator, Hotel coordinator, website content, flyers, signs, paperwork, registration desk, pre-registration, event scheduling, demo coordinator, paper goods, utensils, GCOM Products, convention supplies, break down, con room maintenance, clean up, room set up, floor plan, game collection, loading and unloading, Annual Open Meeting, advertising, e-mails.
Michele Mazzola: Registration Desk, volunteers, desk schedule, silent auction, snacks, sodas, beverages, transportation, loading and unloading, set up.
Pete Miller: Fruit donations.
Ed Mittlestead: Webmaster.
Peter Putnam: Trashfest Organizer, volunteers, prizes, advertising, scheduling, demos, game collection, signs, scoring.
Mike Richey: loading.
John P Roberts III:Game Days & Silent Auction computer software, Silent Auction, Webmaster, website & computer support.
Sandy Scanlon: Silent Auction.
Brian Stallings:loading and unloading, set up.
Jamie Tang: Baked Goods.
John Weber: Registration Desk, set up, unloading, game collection.
Will Zander: Registration Desk.

Game Days Attendance Total= 231


Annual Open GCOM Meeting: Michele Hymowitz, Keith Levy.
Demos:Steven Cole for Galaxy Storm, Ethan Gothman for Amuze Amaze, Marc Houde and Shawn Metcalf for Bumper Car Arena, Steve and Maxine Shea for Amazing Space Venture, Kevin Sudy for Time Quest.
Trashfest Organizers: Peter Putnum, Shellie Rose. GMs: Alex Brown, Michael Buccheri, Rob Buccheri, Doug Epperson, Keith Levy, Peter Putnum, Shellie Rose, Cody Sandifer, John Weber.
Vendors: Universal Game Store with Ken Johnson, Z-Man Games with Zev Shlasinger, Our Game Table with Kathy Stroh & Randy Dean, Sherco games with Steve and Maxine Leshay, Blood and Cardstock with Joan and David Wendland, Omni Game Products with Marc Houde & Shawn Metcalf.  
Werewolf: Scott Buckwalter, Dan Hoffman.

Trashfest details:

Background: On May 1, 1886 thousands of factory workers of went to the streets to protest the long hours and poor working conditions. 122 years later, board gamers carrying their new Fantasy Flight and old AH games will descend on the Days Hotel in Timonium, Maryland to reclaim there rights to have fun playing board games.
What: Trashfest is an open wild card style tournament that will focus on Ameritrash games or games by American designers or in the style of American games.
What are Ameritrash games? Ameritrash games are not?
Highly themed games
Lots of player interaction
Randomness (we like rolling lots of dice)
Games with robots blowing stuff up
Games that people will be playing 20 years from now.
Games with Gangsters, Vampires, Monsters, Wizards, lots of Army men.
Bland theme-less games
Solitary puzzle games
"Daddy says dice are wicked. We just move one space at a time. It's less fun that way" Flanders Children, The Simpsons
Games about farming
Games that shoot up the BBG rankings before being released to the American market place.
Games with Auctions, Master Builders, Trading, Accounting or Geometry.
Trashfest Schedule
Thursday, May 1st -May Day -Fantasy Day
Warrior Knights,, Battlelore, Prophecy
Friday, May 2nd Freaky Friday Horror Day
Last Night on Earth, Fury of Dracula, Arkham Horror, Werewolf
Saturday, May 3rd Science Fiction Saturday
Galaxy Storm, Robo Rally ,Star craft, Twilight Imperium
Sunday,May 4th Gangster Sunday.
Stockcar Racing, Gangsters demo, Cash & Guns